Chartered Architect

Expert Witness

James Groux has over 40 years experience in the Industry. In that time he has developed skills in a number of areas and has acted as an expert witness in some of these. In particular James has become very specialised in understanding the spacial needs of physically impaired people and he has his own skillful approach to space planning to ensure that the best use of all areas of a persons home is explored and the benefits realised.

In addition to his work in the field of property adaptation and space planning James has a wealth of experience in technical building issues.

Having been an architect for 40 years has given James an excellent foundation of knowledge.

In addition he has also been a Building Contractor and Project Manager for the past 13 years and has developed an understanding of building techniques and potential risks that matches anyone in the industry. This makes him a valuable asset in cases of building failures.

James charges £135 per hour, but his rates for report writing are negotiable based on the area of work involved

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